Thursday, April 17, 2014

OCP Spring 2014 Blog, by Marvin Cadet

The Office of Veteran and Military Resources at Montclair State University has partnered with the Prajjali project and has been providing yoga classes exclusively to student veterans on campus. The Prajjali project is an initiative to get our veterans in touch with the practice of yoga. Among its many benefits, such as increases of energy and awareness, yoga has proven to be successful in helping individuals who may suffer from PTSD. The Prajjali project was established to address the issue of suicide that veterans in our country face. Denise Rodak, Coordinator of Veteran and Military Resources and a yoga practitioner, is always looking for ways to incorporate contemplative practices into her work with veteran and military students.  According to Ms. Rodak, “Yoga is a very accessible practice and I believe it can help students tap into their true potential.” 
Cpt. Benjamin Stoner presented the keynote speech at the NJ Association of Colleges and Employers at Stone Hall University. Cpt. Stoner highlighted some of the findings from Completing the Mission II  such as the survey that suggests the top services provided by universities are proving to be successful among the veteran population on campus. Stoner also talks about on homeless veterans, building communities and the importance of teamwork. The conference went on to identify things that make veterans attractive to potential employers such as:
·         Being able to recognize challenges
·         Soft skills
·         The ability to be lead and be led
·         Work ethic

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